What Will Remain, of My Blogging?

I’m not a writer. I’d like to be. As lot of people, I think to have a lot of valuable thoughts to share. I tried to write, but I let “life” distract me. Or, I’m simply not good at it. Or, I had to learn lessons.

I’m restarting my life, and this time I seriously want to write. As any writer know, it’s hard stuff. Very hard. Time will judge.

I used to write “stories” long before blogging appeared. Nothing out of my PC, so I don’t know if it’s good stuff, but at least I know that short format is for me. So, I started blogging. I will be at ease with blogging, I know. It will be a matter of consistency, right content, right community, right format and blah blah. And even so, maybe I will stay the millionth on the list.

I’m ok with that. I want to be read only if I have something useful to say, if it’s worth dedicating time to reading my things. I want my chance to be heard, but I don’t want to waste my time and it’s selfish to waste other’s time. I’m curious about feedback and accept it. I learned things, but I always want to improve and I want to learn the right way to share. I feel that blogging is a good medium for me.

However, I’ve also another feeling, about blogging. A feeling of writing on the sand. That’s not bad in itself, but it’s worth to elaborate.

The first thing I noticed is partiality. For a single matter, from a single perspective, you can say what you want. And another person can say the opposite, and maybe being right, from his perspective. A post can leverage on one of your needs, or your fears, or your specific condition and so on. It can pass along a bit of truth, probably related to other unsaid truths in the mind of the writer but, on the screen, disconnected from other billion bits of truth. Is the truth in the big picture that will magically appear in my mind, after a lot of readings and checking in my real life?

I see some truth, but also many inconsistencies. Anyone has an opinion, and often is a good opinion. My grandmother had a good proverb for any situation, and maybe she was right. But she did not elaborate further. Solid knowledge is based on elaboration, precision, extension, verification, comparison. Blogging is not the medium for this, I know, but I feel that something important is missing here. If partiality is not knowledge, is not full expression, are some posts — this one included — worth the time of the writer and the readers?

A book is much more difficult to write. You have to set up a structure, and be coherent. If it’s non-fiction, you have to think over and put in some substantial knowledge. It requires a lot of time. If you spend this time, you strongly believe in it. Maybe it’s crap anyway, but if it’s not, it seems a stepping stone, on a specific topic, to go further. A good post is more like a seed, or a flower. That’s good, but leaves to me an impermanence feeling, a sense of relativity.

The second thing I’m starting to notice are patterns. Something subtler than the disaster movies, where someone warns someone else, who does not believe him, the disaster happens, the hero has his hard work and so on (I love disaster movies, anyway). It’s more like books on alien intervention in our history. I read these books, many years ago, and hoped to find in them some evidence of alien life. These evidences sounded like “Look, there are 2 stones here, and 4 there. You understand? Exactly the double! Only an alien hand, with higher intelligence could have done this!”. At some point, I started to notice a pattern in them, the pattern that they were leveraging on my will to believe. And stopped reading them. I’ve internalized the feeling that after the reading of these books, I’ll remain without evidences.

I’m starting to have the same feeling with some kind of posts. I don’t want to generalize. I see a lot of authenticity in them, also if not all are genuine pearls and siren songs are there. I continue to read many inspiring posts, even in the “pattern” zones. But I have this feeling of extreme redundancy on things that, after all, you have to live on your skin and do not come out of a post. Like meeting the aliens.

Finally, I’m worried about transient trends. Is blogging a transient trend? We do not have to forget that blogging is often related to business and promotion, much more than books. A lot of bloggers will realize that blogging is not profitable for them, or that is too hard to emerge. Or readers will get tired of the many posts out there. Posts about truth. Or about falsity. Or about nothing. What about what I’ve written? It will stay, it will go? Will I have to reset on the next trend?

Still, I like blogging. It seems that blogging is here to stay. I have my doubts if energy in it is well spent. Maybe I’ve only to accept that blogging is a bit like giving an advice to a friend. “Hey, buddy. I’ve been there. You do that.” Maybe these words will be alive for one night only. Maybe are wrong. Still they are life. And can be of help for someone.




Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes. viconotes.com vicoxl.com

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Vico Biscotti

Vico Biscotti

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes. viconotes.com vicoxl.com

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