Well, I’m at the same time sad and glad to read this.

Sad because the ship is sinking, except for a few authors. A big missed opportunity. The featuring logic — with a clearly biased editorial line — is sick, in my opinion. Quality metrics and quality writing count nothing.

Glad because finally, someone speaks about this again. It seems that anyone is now scared to do so. The optimism trend seems to make anyone blind. I paid my toll too, speaking about Medium shortcomings. But why shouldn’t we speak about what we’d want to be fixed? Medium was (and maybe still is) our preferred platform. Why not wanting it better?

What you say about views is not just about Medium itself. Yes, it is, because all the juice goes to their picked articles. But it’s also about publications. I stopped submitting, except for my own publications, because they usually publish everything, without a filter or editing, and nobody checks their homepage, if not for checking their own writings. The publication views mean nothing for the single story. The views you get from a curated small publication are often equal or more than an uncurated major.

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes. viconotes.com vicoxl.com

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