Holy Mask!

The other advantages of masks.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Masks suck, let’s face it. But wearing a mask has important advantages.

The first one, by far, in my opinion, is that you can avoid laughing or smiling at jokes and nonsense. Not easy because, unfortunately, the expression on your face reveals whether you’re laughing or not. And the possible sound, of course. But if you equip yourself with a wide mask and try to lift your cheeks, at the same time hinting at a sudden movement of the head, you can simulate a little.

But the opposite is also true. For example, when anyone tells you something serious, even tragic, but unbearably boring. Easy. Just nod. But don’t nod too much, or they may continue indefinitely. Social distancing helps too. No comforting hugs, pats, whatever. Awesome.

I also put on the mask the sporadic times I go for a run. Until I bend over, you can’t see I’m panting like a yawning hippo.

You can insult. Or comment. Just remember to lower your voice. Someone has yet to fine-tune this subtlety, and made a complete ass of themselves, but it’s still a practice that I’d recommend. Scientific studies prove that it’s cathartic. Until you get punched.

But the most significant advantage is undoubtedly the mnemonic one. Now that “fuck, the mask” is the most common expression, you’re forced to a complete check before you leave. Then, you forget why you had to go out, but that’s a different story. Speaking of which, not many reasons to go out are there. The only advantage of going out is to go to the workplace with the mask; otherwise, with Zoom, you lose its tactical cover.

Of course, there are some drawbacks.

Previously, if you went to the pharmacy, you could have lowered your voice and take advantage of the labial, being lucky with the assistant. Now, you must declare your intentions to all customers of the pharmacy. Some are queuing outside, but those who are inside will go out and tell. Maybe they don’t give a shit, but you may still worry about it.

The same goes for anything you could previously say in a low voice, perhaps behind their back. Not now. Either you say it or nothing. Which I’d see as an advantage, actually. It helps authenticity. If you keep your mouth shut, the better, but if you have to say it, say it.

Also for the disadvantages, one is objective and proven. The glasses. However, that too can be turned into an advantage at the right time. I’m sorry, without glasses I can’t see and with the mask they fog up.

Unfortunately, someone, breathing their CO2 all day, gets their brain jelly, but with the brains around nowadays that’s a negligible side effect. On the contrary, sneezing into the mask could even make a scientist out of it.

All in all, the mask saves our lives, let’s face it.

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes. viconotes.com vicoxl.com

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