Failure sucks, and it happened today.

These neverending lockdowns made me start running. With sacrifice, on the last occasions, I managed to reach a certain place by running. A short run for serious runners, but long for me. A success. A repeated success.

Today, nothing could stop me from doing it again.

Yet, I stopped running half way. I couldn’t bear the fatigue, this time. Reasons were just excuses.

I failed. By far.

But I decided to reach that place the same, by walking. I could have walked in any other direction, or return home, but I decided to go there, sit there, and look at my failure. There, exactly where I was satisfied with my success other times.

And so I did.

This day, I failed. Nothing serious, of course. And it happens. And we need failures too. But I failed. And I don’t like it.

I wanted to be there and to feel, once more, that failing sucks.

I don’t lack failure memories. But it’s good not to forget.

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes.

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