Beyond Resolutions

Not the time for resolutions, for me.

Vico Biscotti
3 min readJan 6, 2022

2021 has been my worst year ever. The perfect outcome of a disaster recipe. The pandemic just added the topping.

Reinventing myself worked only in part, during the last years. The other part pulled everything down the sink with it. Marriage included. Not something usually mentioned in the success stories.

I got only one thing back: Myself. An authentic and solid self.

Which is not that bad, actually. I’m sure most people can’t tell that.

Well, excellent time for propositions, right? Mandatory, in my case, I’d say.

Resolutions didn’t work much in the past, for me, but started working in the last years. Not enough to save the Titanic, but enough to drop the lifeboat.

I’m now 53, and I’m restarting from scratch, again. I already have a long list of major difficulties and decisions awaiting, on this year’s calendar. It sounds like a perfect time for responsible propositions. And you can bet I must squeeze the last drop of responsibility out of my dreaming mind. Nothing is going to happen without me working to deserve it. Anything I got without deserving it is in the past. Now, I must pay the bill for the last and the next lunch.