I wish I could present bombastic credentials, but the reality is that I'm an expert in mistakes and I'm still in the middle of my journey as an engineer and a writer.

At 48 I had to reinvent my life and now, 53, I'm kind of a digital nomad but older.

I feel like I've lived multiple lives. There's good and bad in that.

As a writer, I share notes about the human condition and the journey through it, based on my experience on how life can become intense or weird and my lifelong studies in human mechanics and potential.

In the background, I share my experience in creativity and the opportunities of the digital world.

I pay the bills thanks to being a freelance in software development for decades. It would be great if you wanted to take a look at one of my projects, XPlan - Kanban task management for Windows.

I have two blogs, with all my best stories and friend links to Medium: viconotes.com (life & self-development) vicoxl.com (blogging & tech)

Or you can visit my lists on Medium for a selection of my own work and my readings.

Looking forward to meeting you here and beyond.

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Vico Biscotti

Vico Biscotti

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes. viconotes.com