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I clearly remember that day, fishing with my father.

I was ruminating on that idea for long. I was still a kid.

At some point, the question was clear: “What should I do now? What exactly should I do now?”

That question still drives today most of my research, and I’m sure it will do till the end of my life.

I’ve always been a philosopher. And I wanted to be a writer.

I became an engineer.

But I like engineering. I’ve primarily been a software developer.

Married, with no children, I navigated through my first life. With dreams, “improvement”, and a future.

Then my father died. Suddenly. Just retired.

The pain was not something you can cancel in a month, or a year, or a life.

And I realized that my future was there. I was living my future. I already knew that we have limited time. But living it on your skin, or that of your father, is a different thing.

With that, the realization of all the crap we carry with us, which doesn’t add value to our life.

I freed my wrist from the watch. I took fewer pictures.

Small signs.

In the following few years, I co-managed a medium-sized company.

Then, December 23, 2016.

Intolerable circumstances made me decide to leave.

Suddenly, a yellow plastic bag took care of all that remained of my professional past.

The day after, at 48, my second life began. Hiding tears to my family.

I took a much-needed gap year, and I’m now restarting from scratch.

I’ve things in mind, but all that matters will be around that first question.

And around my wife. Because life gave me more than one gift.

That was the short story, and too much is not there. No life can be squeezed into a few words.

But my stories are there to let some tiny bits come out, about me and the crazy thoughts of the grown-up child. Grown, but not too much.

You find all my best stories, with Friend Link to the corresponding Medium story, on: (life & self-development) (blogging & tech)

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This article has been inspired by a collaboration with Alexander Ryan. Thank you, Alexander!

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