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I clearly remember that day, fishing with my father.

I was ruminating on that idea for long. I was still a kid.

At some point, the question was clear: “What should I do now? What exactly should I do now?”

That question still drives today most of my research, and I’m sure it will do till the end of my life.

I’ve always been a philosopher. And I wanted to be a writer.

I became an engineer.

But I…

Picking moments of this weird year.

All photos by the author

I recently joined Voice, and a post there inspired me to write the one I’m republishing here.

2020 has been a terrible year for so many, and so has been for me, beyond what you’ll see in these photos, even if I’ve been lucky on the health side and certainly luckier than others. Despite that, it’s one year of our life, and what a year! We may be eager to start a brand new 2021, but 2020 will stay there to remember for decades.

My first trip of 2020 has been in a cave. A taste of real speleology. Narrow…

OMG, Lists?

Do you mean that the long-awaiting bookmarking/sharing system is there, Medium? Really?

Different lists, with notes, and public/private option?

Lists! Oh my… I can’t believe it. That’s my lucky day.

Medium, if you wanted to double the fee for my subscription, that’s the right day for asking.

How I fight my fear of injections and get my victories on it.

No needles here. Just a happy face not afraid of. I hope you appreciate that. — Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Disclaimer: the content of this article has the sole purpose of disclosing the author’s opinion alone. Nothing in this article is intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

I’ve always been terrified of injections, and still am, up to a point.

With vaccines as the only weapon out of a pandemic, I guess I am a bit out of tune.

I’m a fit tall man, and I’m over 50. You can imagine what they think (and often say) when I tell them that they’d better lay me down for a simple vaccine.

Are two writing identities on the same platform too much?

Photo by Artem from Pexels

I opened a second Medium account, under a pen name, because I have things to tell that I can’t write under my own name.

When I started writing online, I decided that it was my own name or nothing. But life brings unpredictable turns. While I’m still convinced of my choice and still on an authentic path, I decided that it was time for an experiment with a pen name.

Writing with more freedom felt great but, soon, I also saw the limits of it.

Why a second account?

Someone, like me, may consider a second account for anonymity. Some stories are hard to…

The small print of the hero’s contract.

Photo by Kyle Cottrell on Unsplash

We’re used to success stories.

Heroes go through any kind of challenge and eventually succeed.

Truth is that most candidate heroes, in the first deadly situation, likely die.

But nobody is interested in a 30-second failure story when they pay a ticket. Maybe they just paid the ticket in terms of attention. And nobody wants to disappoint them.

So, the hero wins. Or, at least, they have an appealing story to tell.

If you think it’s just about movies, look better at the Web.

What’s the most popular topic? Making money.

They show they’re successful and kindly advise you on…

Implementing the GTD productivity system on the versatile Nimbus Note.

Nimbus Note is one of the best note-taking&organizing products around, so that it convinced a picky productivity freak like me to switch all of his notes from Evernote.

Beyond organized notes, its flexibility allows you to combine knowledge base with productivity, maybe in the form of Getting Things Done, as we will see in this article. Combining tasks and reference material in the same product is especially convenient for personal productivity.

However, implementing a productivity system may not be obvious, especially in aspects like projects. Personal productivity is often a matter of the right compromises between completeness and simplicity. …

And a new journey already started.

I firmly believed in the mission of inside Blogging, put countless hours into it, and it has now more than 900 followers.

The idea, that’s still dear to me and alive in my writing, was to share down-to-earth advice on blogging and, at the same time, show the dark side of a world that swallows millions of writers, giving back very few, usually the very few skilled in marketing.

But the project failed and you can know more in the full announcement. …

And a new journey already started.

Photo by Vie Studio from Pexels

Inside Blogging now has more than 900 followers. It’s been only a side project, for four years. I couldn’t expect more. Nonetheless, I firmly believed in the mission and put countless hours into it.

The idea, that’s still dear to me and alive in my writing, was to share down-to-earth advice on blogging and, at the same time, show the dark side of a world that swallows millions of writers, giving back very few, usually the very few skilled in marketing.

It failed. And it did for two reasons.

The first is that Medium didn’t help. …

Out of the rabbit hole of personal brands.

Photo by Ichad Windhiagiri from Pexels

If you’re gifted with multiple interests, you received blessing and doom at the same time. Especially in writing.

It’s a dangerous gift, to handle carefully. One that kept my mind busy for all my last reinvent years.

I now have multiple consolidated online identities — let’s say brands –, but it’s a never-ending journey, with pros and cons.

I’ll share my experience because I’m sure that others are in the same boat.

The reinvent big-bang

In my case, it all started with a blast. After two decades as a freelance, mostly in software development, I suddenly left my last position as an executive…

Vico Biscotti

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes.

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