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I clearly remember that day, fishing with my father.

I was ruminating on that idea for long. I was still a kid.

At some point, the question was clear: “What should I do now? What exactly should I do now?”

That question still drives today most of my research, and I’m sure it will do till the end of my life.

I’ve always been a philosopher. And I wanted to be a writer.

I became an engineer.

But I…

Picking moments of this weird year.

All photos by the author

I recently joined Voice, and a post there inspired me to write the one I’m republishing here.

2020 has been a terrible year for so many, and so has been for me, beyond what you’ll see in these photos, even if I’ve been lucky on the health side and certainly luckier than others. Despite that, it’s one year of our life, and what a year! We may be eager to start a brand new 2021, but 2020 will stay there to remember for decades.

My first trip of 2020 has been in a cave. A taste of real speleology. Narrow…

I’m tired of advice about 5-minute blocks, or 25–5 tomatoes, whatever.

Anything good out of your life comes from passionate and unconditional commitment. Either you find it, or your time…

And what I do instead.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Despite Facebook groups being a popular meeting place for mediumers, I refused to join for a long time.

They are promoted as communities where to share and receive advice, experiences, resources, and so on, but the impression was of clapping circles.

Growth hacking can be a thing for someone, but it didn’t seem like a sound foundation for my writing life.

The problem is that my writing life simply is not a writing life. If the writing world were a food chain, I’d be a shellfish.

They could use my Medium earnings as scientific evidence that under $100 there’s life…

You can lift weights for years, yet remaining skinny. If you don’t do it the right way, aimed at progression, you don’t get significant results in your body shape.


Merging independent branding and Medium.

Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels

Medium finally resurrected custom domains. They’ve been kept in the closet for so long that we despaired of having them back. Honestly, I thought that they’d never come back. Instead, after years, voila: custom domains are there.

The problem is that wounds don’t heal easily. Medium abandoned independent writers for years, in terms of replacement of their external websites. They needed a blog, and all they got was a flat and useless profile page. Nothing more. …

How interesting. In the last days, more and more people follow me. 4–6 per day or more. Much more than my usual 2 per day.

And they don’t read a…

Are you hiding in the sunlight?

OPhoto by Vlad Chețan from Pexels

Today, I decided on a run, as it happens weekly in this lockdown.

The day wasn’t a good fit. Problems and everything made it not the best day. That’s a transitioning period, with nothing that goes right. Not much different from the rest of my life, actually, but this time is bold, highlighted, and underlined. Anyway, the sun was there, I wouldn’t have the occasion tomorrow, so I decided to go.

Running is exhausting for me, so I said to myself: “that’s your half an hour of sacrifice, then you’ll be back at your work.”

The run and everything around…

Abracadabra! Most of your subscribers just… disappeared!

Photo by Nikolay Ivanov from Pexels

We already knew that newsletters on Medium are just a useless toy.

Promoted changes on this didn’t change the situation. Adding insult to injury, the subscriber export feature is just misleading advertising.

Newsletters on Medium suck

Anybody who’s ever tried to write a newsletter on Medium realized that those newsletters are a joke.

The formatting is as poor as writing on a typewriter. This would feel pleasantly vintage, if it weren’t for the unfair competition of the newsletters from Medium and flagship publications, which are obviously formatted with much better tools, clearly not available to all mediumers.

If you think that you can use…

At some point, I decided that a new place to gather stories about our most authentic self and its questions could make sense, on Medium. I couldn't imagine a better name than “The Human Core” for it.

But that isn’t a popular topic, unless certain conditions are there, inspiration and trendiness often being among them.

Also, publications on Medium are usually just containers for communities, no more than a growth tool. If you don’t play that game, you’re just out.

Without blaming anyone except me, that’s not my game. And the thing didn’t go much beyond a hundred followers.


Vico Biscotti

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes.

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