My 2020 In 20 Photos

Picking moments of this weird year.

All photos by the author

I recently joined Voice, and a post there inspired me to write the one I’m republishing here.

2020 has been a terrible year for so many, and so has been for me, beyond what you’ll see in these photos, even if I’ve been lucky on the health side and certainly luckier than others. Despite that, it’s one year of our life, and what a year! We may be eager to start a brand new 2021, but 2020 will stay there to remember for decades.

My first trip of 2020 has been in a cave. A taste of real speleology. Narrow passages and wells, for hours, with a small group and nobody else there. A bit frightening, for me, but I did that for my wife. I love rock climbing and she loves… the opposite.

The same weekend, a trip to Milan (Italy), a city that I love, near to where my wife and I live. I’ve so many memories in Milan and I went to university there. But the point is that a crowd was there, totally unaware of what was to come soon. And it’s precisely the city where all the COVID thing exploded first, in the western world. It looks like a totally different and distant age, now.

On March 7th, the first rock climbing outdoor. After two days, Italy went on total lockdown, and 2020 totally changed its face.

After two long months at home, the first trekking, with masks and much concern.

In June, again one session of rock climbing that I still remember well. One of the few of this year. I missed (and still miss) rock climbing so much.

Then, our life changed a bit, because my wife “inherited” an old house that we love. A bit too far from where we live, but maybe a good place for our retirement.

For now, I took the occasion to spend a few weeks there alone (I’m a sort of digital nomad, while my wife has a real job, precisely in the hospital that treated the first cases of COVID). Here below, the provisional desk, with view on the garden, that accompanied — along with crickets — some lovely hermit days. See To Be and Not to Be.

Summer went by with a few trips there with my wife, in the North East of Italy. Beach included, that we appreciated so much.

We also took the occasion of a trip to Slovenia, where a friend of mine, known on Medium, lives. Here below, Ljubljana.

A violent hailstorm, which damaged my car, tried to mark the end of this surreal Summer. Consider that my hands are big and the hailstones in the photo are half-melt.

Then back to home, and a last trip to a river we love, before a difficult Autumn. See Missing Summer Unexpectedly.

Needless to say, we paid great attention to safety in all of those trips. We tried to use relative freedom wisely.

At the beginning of November, we went on lockdown again. The day before, I took the occasion for a solitary trip to a park half-hour drive from home. Autumn, there, was showing its full magnificence. It’s been a special day, and I felt so lucky for that day of freedom, a freedom that we too often take for granted. See My Last Day Before Lockdown.

Then, again, long weeks of lockdown with a few windows of open air near home.

As a last gift of the year, a snowfall that allowed us to enjoy a special short stroll.

By the way, in the last weeks, I felt the need to grow a beard (first time in 52 years). But my wife doesn’t love it, so it’s probably early to update my social profiles.

For 2020 — a year that found a weird way to my heart — that’s all folks! See you in a great 2021. Happy New Year!

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Jack of all mistakes.

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